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A Response to Charlottesville

By August 14, 2017No Comments

In response to Charlottesville


We, at the Center for Equity and Inclusion extend our support and stand in solidarity with the Charlottesville community and all communities impacted by this weekend’s actions. Our hearts are heavy, witnessing the never-ending manner in which white supremacy continues to oppress communities of color (as well as other marginalized communities), dislodge white people from a collective sense of humanity and stain the consciousness and integrity of our country.

We unequivocally condemn the President’s response to the blatant racism and terrorism that the Charlottesville community, and by extension our country, experienced this weekend. The President’s response is reflective of a longstanding pattern of endorsing, participating and profiting from white supremacy. While having a racist white male president who promotes and profits from white supremacy is anything but new, our response to what we expect from the presidency and our country must not lose steam, not now. Now more than ever we must collectively work together to not just powerfully resist but also commit to creating something new; a new foundation for this country, one that has space for all of us to stand.

We believe that our collective voice matters and we must exercise that voice; whether that is voicing outrage at the constant wave of oppression that Charlottesville is representative of, or voicing our solidarity with individuals, communities, and organizations that are resisting, fighting back, and courageously making a stand.  Our voice matters.

We also believe that while voicing our solidarity matters, we must also act in solidarity.

For us at CEI that means supporting everyone we work with to look within themselves, the spaces they occupy, and their spheres of influence. To engage in an honest appraisal of themselves and unpack exactly where and how white supremacy is in operation and then to channel all of the rage, depression, frustration and hopelessness into more committed and focused actions that both deconstruct and reconstruct these spaces. So in an act of solidarity with the Charlottesville community, we are doubling down on our commitment to build more equitable and inclusive thinking, actions, and spaces. In solidarity, we are committing to looking within ourselves and intensifying our own personal development. In solidarity we are committing to pushing and challenging our partner organizations to act as urgently as ever.

AND in solidarity we are committed to breathing – as breath is life giving – and to holding and being with one another as we move collectively through our generation’s long walk.

In solidarity,

CEI Staff/Community

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