Designed for individuals leading equity, diversity and inclusion efforts within their personal and professional environments. The CEI EQUITY FACILITATION INTENSIVE is an opportunity to foster personal growth and develop the facilitation skill-set needed to lead complex, and often challenging conversations, trainings or coaching sessions.

Topics to Expect May Include: How It Works:
  • Facilitating from questions
  • Building a listening practice
  • Experiential learning activities
  • Using story as a tool for engagement and learning
  • Group accountability
  • Working with and understanding white and non-white resistance
  • Developing a responsive learning space for people of color
  • Responding to the emotion that equity work provokes
  • Role of coaching/mentoring
  • Program and curriculum development
  • Establishing a healthy relationship to feedback
  • Identifying and handling personal triggers
  • Deepening confidence and building healthy coping practices
  • Over 30 hours of intensive facilitation training
  • Week long intensive 
  • Optional follow-up sessions
  • Small cohort structure to allow for a more personalized experience
  • Large group conversations
  • Small group breakouts and facilitation assignments
  • Train directly under Hanif Fazal, CEI Co-Founder and nationally recognized facilitation expert and trainer
  • Access to CEI lead facilitator and CEI Co-Founder, Hanif Fazal as coaches/mentors during training
  • Homework assignments and in-between learning opportunities
  • Opportunities for direct application of learnings
  • Expanded access to network of individuals doing similar work
  • Expanded personal database of information, resources, activities

Upcoming 2023 Sessions (Weeklong intensive is in-person in Portland, OR.)

  • March 6-10 (Optional Follow Ups: April 28 and May 5)
  • April 3-7 (Optional Follow Ups: April 28 and May 5)
  • September 18-22 (Optional Follow Ups: October 27 and November 3)
  • October 2-6 (Optional Follow Ups: October 27 and November 3)

Interested applicants should be leading equity work in organizations/communities, have previous training with CEI or have other relevant experience. Investment: $4,000 per person. Cohort size is limited so we encourage those interested to apply below for consideration. For questions please contact: Shafina Fazal-Gardner, shafina@ceipdx.com

Equity Facilitation Intensive Registration

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    Interested applicants should be leading equity work in organizations/communities, have previous training with CEI or have other relevant experience. Please identify groups, activities and/or trainings that you have led that advance equity and inclusion in your organization (and/or other spaces). If you are not currently leading this work, please specify if you have attended our Reframing Racism program.(required)

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