CEI Fellowship Overview

The CEI Fellowship is a 2 year comprehensive paid learning experience for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) – with backgrounds in human/social services, organizational development or related fields – who are committed to leading for equity and bring their cultural backgrounds, identities and lived experiences into their workplace. The fellowship position is intended to grow the pool of leaders in the DEI field across a range of settings. During the 24-month program each CEI Fellow will engage in facilitated learning, growing, networking and professional development opportunities individually and as members of a group. On a daily basis, fellows will work in an administrative capacity as part of one of four CEI teams focused on advancing DEI within several client organizations. At the conclusion of the fellowship, participants will solidly understand how DEI transformation takes place and will receive support in finding placement outside of CEI that utilize their skills and align with their interests.  Opportunities for Fellow learning may include, but are not limited to:

  • Participation in client related activities 
  • Observation of organizational transformation in real time
  • Exposure to different departments within CEI
  • Coaching with various leaders within CEI
  • Participation in CEI’s Reframing Racism
  • Participation in CEI’s Facilitator Intensive
  • Weekly leadership/professional development training
  • Weekly personal development
  • Participation in staff meetings, team meetings, community events
  • Other activities that support ongoing learning or will contribute to Fellow’s professional development

Fellowship Eligibility

  • Fellows are people with backgrounds in human/social services, organizational development or related fields who identify as BIPOC and who want to deepen their knowledge and skills for leading for equity.
  • Fellows have the equivalent of  2+ years of personal, professional or volunteer experience performing duties and responsibilities similar to those described in the detailed position description.
  • Fellows are required to engage in 24 months of learning, networking and professional development in their cohort.
  • Fellows have the ability, on a weekly basis (post-COVID), to be physically present and engage with co-workers in CEI’s Portland office.

The CEI Fellowship Program will begin in June 2021 with four Fellows. 


Fellowship Details

For more information about the CEI Fellowship and Application process see the full CEI Fellowship Description.

CEI Fellow Applications are being accepted now through April 26, 2021 

Questions regarding CEI’s Fellowship program are welcome and can be directed to Karen Belsey at karen@ceipdx.com.