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Happy New Year!

By January 2, 2017No Comments

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

As we reflect back on our first year as an organization there is a lot to be thankful for. Over the last year we were able to build a stellar team who have brought with them a high level of expertise and passion as well as a diverse set of perspectives and skill sets. We couldn’t be more excited about the community we are developing at CEI. As we move into the new year we will continue to focus on building a strong foundation
that is in integrity with the tenants of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

In 2016 we partnered with over 30 local and national organizations; these organizations ranged from non-profits to for profit, education to philanthropy. Whether it was an organization of 14 staff members or as large as 25,000; we had the great pleasure to partner with individuals and organizations who made a conscious decision to invest in their employees, and communities they serve, by committing to a transformative process to advance equity, diversity and inclusion within their workplaces. The courage and will that it takes to invest the time, energy, and resources in such a comprehensive approach to this work has been nothing short of inspiring to be a part of. Additionally, in the last quarter of 2016 we had over 90 individuals sign up for workshops and events at CEI in order to build the skills and community needed to create inclusive communities in their personal and professional lives. Over this past year we have been heartened by the commitment to equity that we are experiencing.

We also want to acknowledge what a difficult year 2016 was in the context of race and social justice in this country. Amidst the ongoing injustices and disparities felt by marginalized communities in our country, CEI has become more steadfast and determined in what we have to offer.  Now, more than ever we are inspired to guide others in organizational and personal transformation, so our generation and the generations that follow live in a more inclusive world.  We must come together. We must act together in the name of a more just social/ political experience.

Here we come, 2017!

In solidarity,

Hanif Fazal, CEO

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