The Center for Equity and Inclusion is a community of highly engaged equity consultants, each valued for the breadth and depth of personal and professional experience they bring to the larger aim of advancing equity. Together this team has created a culture that places equity at the center of all they do.

The Center for Equity and Inclusion fosters an environment in which people are encouraged to bring their whole selves to the work of advancing equity. By having unconditional positive regard for one another, the team has fostered an environment that promotes learning, feedback, and professional growth.

Core Beliefs that Guide Our Work:

  • We believe that institutional and systemic transformation is possible when individuals are willing to build the requisite, will, passion and consciousness to change the status quo.
  • We believe advancing equity occurs across all sectors of life amongst all populations.
  • We believe that basing work in racial equity is essential to closing persistent disparities while providing opportunities to address intersectionality.
  • We believe that institutions must prioritize time and strategic use of resource in order to advance equity and close disparities.
  • We believe engaging facilitation, curriculum, and learning environments are a powerful method of individual and organizational transformation.

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