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Portland High School Mentor, Caldera

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Commitment to Equity

Equity Caldera recently participated in a year-long equity training project. At Caldera we recognize a historic and persistent opportunity/achievement-gap between white youth and youth of color. Closing that gap while increasing opportunities for all young people is a top priority of our organization. Race must cease to be a reliable predictor of a person’s achievement and success. In order to achieve this goal we are committed to creating and fostering racial diversity at every level of the organization including but not limited to staff, youth, and leadership. With our hiring, our goal is a pool of highly qualified candidates who reflect the diversity of the youth community we serve.

About the Position

At Caldera, we believe in the power of creativity. Caldera is a catalyst for the transformation of underserved youth through innovative, year round art and environmental programs. Our Youth Program provides students from Portland and Central Oregon with long-term mentoring that nurtures individual creativity, beginning in sixth grade and continuing into young adulthood. Caldera weaves the arts, nature, and personal expression into powerful work that ignites self-expression and allows young people to be creative changes agents in their lives and communities.

This position provides direct support to high school students served by Caldera during the school day, after school, and on weekends. The ideal candidate for this position will be a skilled youth-worker with a background and passion for the arts and/or the environment. This person must have the ability to engage diverse groups and represent Caldera in our communities.

To learn more about this position, please view the document below.


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