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Teaching RACE in the Classroom…

By March 23, 2023April 13th, 2023No Comments

This is advanced learning opportunity for educators who are interested in deepening their practice and developing ways to better serve students and families. This training is for educators who are committed to engaging in conversations about race in their spaces as well as in their curriculum, as well as educators who are looking for ways to navigate the challenges of this conversation across racial differences. Lastly, this training is designed to create space for participants to connect with one another in order to build a community of individuals doing racialized equity work in schools.

Training participants will join a cohort of educators for a week intensive and two optional follow-ups. The Intensive will occur under the direction of CEI’s Director of Educational Equity, Jessica Mallare Best, a former classroom teacher who spent the majority of her career designing and implementing race specific courses across multiple school sites and student demographics. You can learn more about Jessica online at

The week intensive will also include many of the following components:

  • Unpacking your own racial identity
  • Facilitating from questions
  • Building a listening practice
  • Experiential learning activities
  • Using story as a tool for engagement and learning
  • Developing a responsive learning space for BIPOC individuals
  • Responding to the emotion that conversations sound race provokes
  • Generating curriculum with a racialized lens
  • Each participant will design and deliver a 30 min mini lesson practicing the tools and skills we worked on throughout the week
  • Participants will get written and verbal feedback
  • Vision Mapping
  • Note: Homework assignments/resources will be given throughout the week to support in participants ongoing learning and application

Available Sessions:

Two optional follow-up sessions (dates – tba) will be provided for participants as well.  

This intensive is in alignment with the ODE Ethnic Studies standards that will be required in the coming years.

Questions? Please reach out to Jessica Mallare-Best,

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