Christopher Hirsh

Equity Facilitator/Consultant

What do you do at CEI?

I am an equity facilitator/consultant.

What did you do prior to CEI?

My work over the last 6 years has been a blend of healing arts, restorative justice facilitation and consultation as an independent contractor and collaborator, internal change agent with Living Yoga, and storyteller and facilitator with the Red Door Project. Prior to this time I worked for about a decade as an actor, director, movement director, and creator/producer of primarily live theatre, and some film and television, and, also formatively for me in many ways, in the service industry. 

Why do you do this work?

I believe that developing tools and resources that foster and nurture our capacity to change, on a cultural, structural, and personal level, is the basis for a life lived in balance, health (mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional), emergent ethical clarity, and just general happiness. This cannot be done without also addressing historical and ongoing barriers to access that exist within our current dominant cultural norms. Specifically, these are the overlapping frameworks of white supremacy, settler colonialism, patriarchy, and extractive capitalism.

What is a question that guides your work? 

In what ways can I decenter whiteness?

How can I stay in this moment and tend to what is here?

What can I give up, pay back, let go of, and offer to others? Especially in contexts of my proximity to power, money, and resources.

How can I be a break in the cycle of generational trauma and in some way offer healing to my past, present, and future?


“Listen, believe, act.” – Kellie Shaw