Katharine Quince

Equity Facilitator/Consultant

What do you do at CEI?

I support organizations who are going through a long-term process to becoming an inclusive and equitable organization. As a consultant, I guide their process through equity implementation and planning portions of our work.

What did you do prior to CEI?

Over the last decade, I have helped social service organizations grow equitably as a Strategic Planning & Fundraising Consultant, as the Development Director at Store to Door, and as the Grants & Communications Manager at Impact NW. I was a founding member of the Oregon Women’s Equity Coalition, board member for Period: The Menstrual Movement, and I continue to volunteer for Portland Friends of the Dhamma.

In 2018, I received a Master’s degree in Social Responsibility & Sustainable Communities, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Gender & Women’s Studies. I’m also a published poet and a parent.

Why do you do this work?

How can we not do this work? Eliminating racial and gender inequities is the key to overcoming the major challenges we face today. Putting an end to social disparities is the first and most important step toward solving issues as close to home as Portland’s housing crisis, to global issues as big as war and climate change. As someone who is both harmed and privileged by the White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy, I am driven to do all I can to uproot it. CEI’s holistic, systemic approach gives me an opportunity to do exactly that.

What do you believe?

I believe we must practice empathy, refuse binaries, and make space for uncertainty.

I believe there is always the powerful, often revolutionary choice to speak and act and work and lead from the heart. Every time we make that choice, progress is inevitable.

I believe in brave dialogue as an effective practice in building relationships across differences. In the words of the activist and writer Andrée Blouin,“We cannot love what we do not know. Knowing comes first, then love follows. Where there is knowledge, surely there will be love.”

What is a question that guides your work?

Does the impact match the intention?

What is a quote that resonates with you?

“In moments of rupture, people find themselves members of a ‘we’ that did not until then exist and new possibilities suddenly emerge, or that old dream of a just society reemerges and – at least for a little while – shines.” –Rebecca Solnit