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Lisa San Gabriel

Executive Assistant

What do you do at CEI?

I am the Executive Assistant to CEO Hanif Fazal.

What did you do prior to CEI?

Prior to CEI, I served as Strategic Plan Project Manager and Executive Administrator for a local independent school in Portland for 3.5 years. Before that I worked in a variety of industries within an administrative capacity, including architecture, law, and graphic design.

Why do you do this work?

I am a caretaker; my purpose is rooted in a deep devotion to positive and tangible change.

This commitment flows through me into all facets of my personal and professional life. It is easy to be overwhelmed with the injustices and the subsequent feelings of hopelessness that occur daily; I want to hold onto and contribute to the hope. 

What do you believe?

I believe in community, and that we all have the responsibility to take care of each other.

I believe transformation begins within the self. 

I believe the ripples of individual actions create waves of systemic change.

What is a question that guides your work?

“What does it mean to be a good ancestor?” – Layla F. Saad