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To Our CEI Community, 

In the midst of this indescribably complex health crisis, we reach out to you to extend our care and provide an update on how CEI is working through this period of time. 

First and foremost, we hope each of you reading this is in good health. We are keenly aware that individuals are feeling the impacts of this crisis in a myriad of ways and in response are significantly reorganizing their lives, relationships and organizations. We also understand that within organizations, this crisis may have created difficult and painful choice points. We are wishing you well as you navigate the personal and professional terrain during this intense time. 

We recognize that in times of economic distress, environmental disaster and/or social anxiety our historically marginalized communities will experience the disproportionate impact of our decisions, policies, and social narratives. Because of this we are committed more than ever to supporting our current partners in minimizing these impacts, and keeping their process with us moving forward when possible or appropriate.  We cannot think of a more important time for any organization to have equity and inclusion front and center. If you are in need of assistance in addressing these issues, we are here to provide support.   

Though our physical office is closed until at least the end of April, our staff is meeting remotely together and with our partners, holding individual coaching sessions, strengthening and developing new curriculum and gathering new resources. Like so many people-centered businesses we are also working to transition our sessions to a virtual medium. Through all of this, we can still deepen equity and inclusion and continue to build community together.

As we search for ways to reach out responsibly beyond our immediate sphere, let’s stay committed to educating ourselves about ways to maintain focus on equity and racial justice in the midst of our responses. Below are some readings to help sharpen our understanding of this moment:

I have been moved by so many conversations with partners who are feeling the significant impacts of this crisis on their organizations, staff and culture. We share in the challenges this crisis has put in front of us. At the same time we have seen no shortage of creativity, innovation, and resolve to find ways to move forward and sustain. It is this aspect of our collective response that CEI is committed to engaging moment by moment and day by day. 

Please reach out anytime.

In solidarity,

Hanif Fazal