With over two decades of expertise, CEI takes a highly collaborative approach with clients to build the structures, competencies and tools to advance and sustain equity efforts throughout all aspects of an organization. This work fuels success. Period.

We engage with people at all levels –from leadership to interns to external partners– to assess current workplace challenges, create collaborative toolkits, and implement long-term equity, diversity and inclusion plans to ensure personal prosperity and business success.


Equity work is relevant in all institutions in our society, including one of the most critical; our education system. When educators have the will and passion to advance equity throughout classrooms, schools, and districts the positive outcomes for students and families are infinite.

Becoming a culturally responsive and committed school district or education-based nonprofit does not happen overnight. The process for school districts and community-based organizations partnering with schools to become truly inclusive can take years, and even then must continually be shepherded by dedicated staff and administrators. CEI will help develop the tools and plans needed to pursue this work for years to come.


Language and Tools for Advancing Equity 
What can I do?
It’s a common question we hear from people of color and white folks in response to racial events that consistently show up in the news and occur in our own communities. At CEI, we believe people need a place to talk about race, tools to navigate these sometimes uncomfortable conversations, and ways to take action and make positive change in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities.


Designed for individuals leading equity, diversity and inclusion efforts within their personal and professional environments. The CEI EQUITY FACILITATION INTENSIVE is an opportunity to foster personal growth and develop the facilitation skill-set needed to lead complex, and often challenging conversations, trainings or coaching sessions.


How long do you typically work with organizations?

It varies. Generally, we sit down with interested parties to determine what their organization hopes to accomplish. Depending on where an organization is in the equity conversation, the goals they hope to achieve and other factors, CEI will recommend strategies to meet their need. This could be as short as a single day training to full transformational change in regards to equity, diversity and inclusion. That process requires a one-year commitment. You can learn more about our different services here.

Our organization is already doing some equity work, do we need to go through your whole process or can we start midstream?

Great question. First, excellent job engaging in equity work! Some organizations who are already engaged in this work, come to us for support in specific areas. We will work with your team to create an individualized process to meet your organization’s specific needs. If your organization wanted to participate in our cohort model, the commitment is one year.

Who are your clients?

We work with various organizations; non-profits, corporate, foundations and school districts. You can view our current clients and learn more about them on our client page.

Do you offer a payment plan or scholarship for workshop opportunities?

CEI is committed to enhancing our communities by educating the public on issues of equity, diversity and inclusion. Our public trainings are $650 because of the intensity of the workshop, time-commitment, materials, and to ensure the most expert and engaging facilitators are leading. The experience is rewarding, challenging and critical. If you would like to request financial assistance or if you would like to donate funds to provide a scholarship to an individual, please contact Shafina Fazal- Gardner at shafina@ceipdx.org