DEI Capacity Building and
Strategy for Organizations

Our work is anchored by a single theory of change: in order for meaningful, sustainable change to occur in any environment, a transformative process is necessary. This process must support all people (personal work) in developing a common language, consciousness and value in relationship to equity, diversity and inclusion (culture work).  It must also develop clear, usable tools with an equity plan that institutionalizes equity, diversity and inclusion into an organization’s identity, policies and procedures (institutional work).

With over two decades of expertise, CEI takes a highly collaborative approach with clients to build the structures, competencies and tools to advance and sustain equity efforts throughout all aspects of an organization. This work fuels success. Period.

We engage with people at all levels –from leadership to interns to external partners– to assess current workplace challenges, create collaborative toolkits, and implement long-term equity, diversity and inclusion plans to ensure personal prosperity and business success.

Doing equity work right takes time.  Most engagements with CEI will span many months and occur through a series of (now remote) learning intensives, homework and tool building.  Our goal is to help you build internal capacity to lead DEI efforts ongoing. Components of work often include:

  • Organizational benchmarking 
  • Employee experience assessments
  • DEI strategy roadmapping and rollout support
  • Equity Team strategy and learning
  • Leadership Team learning and 1:1 coaching
  • All Staff learning sessions
  • Board engagement
  • Ongoing targeted support

We look forward to meeting you and collaborating together on a scope of work that fits the unique needs of your organization.