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What role can foundations play in influencing equity & inclusion efforts in our community. We believe a GREAT DEAL!!

Whether it is by building your foundation’s own awareness about how your practices & policies advance or restrict the development of community-wide equity efforts or by serving as a convener and catalyst for organizations you fund, the possibilities are significant.

Foundations can serve as partners in advancing equity by:

  • Sponsoring equity-related convenings attended by foundation, nonprofit and public sector leaders
  • Considering how best to integrate equity into the grant-making process
  • Developing a cultural responsiveness standard that all grantees are encouraged to follow

Additionally, foundations can advance equity within their own organizations

We’re able to support Foundations in focusing on equity in the following areas:

  •      Strategic Planning.
  •      Leadership Development
  •      Employee Professional Development
  •      Policies and Practices
  •      Employee Engagement
  •      Internal Culture Improvement
  •      Executive Coaching/Counsel
  •      Board/Trustee Engagement
  •      Communications
  •      Employee Coaching/Supervision

Our equity experts are available to support the facilitation of:

  •      Board Retreats
  •      Executive Retreats
  •      In person and online Employee Training
  •      Employee Evaluation
  •      Mediation