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Do you want… ?

  • to increase your constituent base
  • to increase the quality of service you provide
  • to be a leader within your industry
  • to address disparities within your workplace
  • to become an inclusive business
  • to increase the creativity, productivity and satisfaction of your employees
  • to recruit, hire, and retain an employee base that reflects the communities you serve
  • to increase trust amongst staff and leadership
  • to become more transparent
  • to engage your board of directors in equity work  
  • to increase your skills as an equity leader
  • to grow equity leadership in others
  • to develop a strategic plan that integrates issues of equity and inclusion
  • to tackle hard and challenging situations
  • to embrace organizational change

At CEI we can help you address concerns and strategize how to start the process of becoming an equitable organization.  We’ll help you become the kind of leader that understands the many ways that equity is a necessary ingredient in organizational success.In one or more consulting sessions, you will meet with our CEO, Hanif Fazal or a member of our executive leadership team to determine the best strategy to effectively address your specific goals and concerns. We can provide the following equity related supports:

  • 1:1 Executive Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • A Plan to Begin Equitable Transformation
  • Specialized Single-day or Multi-day Training
  • Board Development
  • Staff/Leadership Professional Development
  • Issue Specific Support and Strategizing
  • Resources